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So where were we??

Long time no write. Like most of us I have been at home minding my own business trying not to get sick. As a cancer survivor my immune system is compromised so playing it safe meant staying home.Ā  But as we start to open up I will resume my adventures in craft beer, food and coffee. I’m also adding wine to that list! Specifically the wine from Valle de Guadalupe, the Napa Valley of Mexico. I joined the Alta Baja Market Wine Club so I receive 3 bottles of vino from Baja every 3 months or so. There’s also a 6 bottle option but 3 will do me fine.

Let’s catch up!!

First of all Orange County saw the opening of at least 5 breweries this past year, they were all in the planning so open they must. I haven’t yet been able to visit any but I’m hear good things about Radiant Brewing and Bearded Tang Brewing. Can’t wait to visit!! I did get to visit the new brewery in the Orange Circle, 1886 Brewing, the owners of Smoqued opened it up and it is beautiful! Some sad news is the closing of Cismontane Brewing in Santa Ana. It’s really good news bad news. They are moving their operations to San Marcos. If you were not aware they got in to the business of auctioning brewery equipment and their business is booming so they needed more space. Most likely they will move but not brew beer again for at least a year and probably will be retiring the Cismontane brand. I wrote about them a few times while I was at the OC Weekly, they won a Silver Medal at GABF a few years back and always had a full selection of brews. Today, April 30 is their last day to open. šŸ˜„

I’ve also decided to write about my adventures in homebrewing. I’ve been brewing now for 2 years and it’s really been fun. I hope to impart some of my experiences both good and bad to help those that might be thinking of starting to brew. We all make mistakes and if I hope to help you avoid some. Speaking of homebrewing Saturday May 1, Santa Ana River Brewing will unveil their collaboration with DJ Lexakhan who has been homebrewing like forever. DJ Lex loves stouts and Belgians so they brewed his recipe for a Belgian called Shugga in the Tank. It will be availableĀ  in cans or on draft. Make sure to go get some of that Shugga!!

I’ll be hosting a Baja Beer tasting May 1 at Alta Baja Market in Downtown Santa Ana from 2-4 PM. The cost is $25 for beers and cheese platter. I hope you can make it, I was recently in Baja in February visiting Valle de Guadalupe, I always find new spots and I found a very good little brewery that I will talk about. This is a good time to visit the Valle, it’s quiet but everyone is open for business. As usual the food is so friggin good, as is the wine.

Well we’re all caught up, if you have anything interesting concerning craft beer you’d like to talk about hit me up! Please continue to support your local breweries and restaurants!



Last modified: April 30, 2021

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