When we talk of collaborations we usually refer to the musical kind, Lennon and McCartney, Sonny and Cher, Simon and Garfunkel all made beautiful music in their day. The modern day collab is now the joining of two breweries, both creative in their own ways, with different ideas, different styles and the end result is beautiful music in the form of a nice pint of craft beer.

The collaboration between Dry River Brewing and Brewjeria Company is a bit different from other brewery collabs,  Brewjeria Company are home brewers that belong to the fastest growing Latino Home brew club in the nation, SoCal Cerveceros, Brewjeria is made up of six individuals, Agustin Ruelas, Adrian Ruelas, Isaac Ruelas, Milton Ramirez, Adrian Gonzalez and Raul Gomez  is very close to getting their own brick and mortar brewery, in Pico Rivera, so close I can taste the Belgian Dubbel but I’ll let them make that announcement, sealed my lips they are. In fact this is the third collab between Dry River and Brewjeria, earlier this year they brewed La Diosa Salvaje, using 40 pounds of passion fruit with El Dorado hops, it was a tangy sour, slightly sweet, very enjoyable.

Dry River Brewing has made a name for itself, in it’s short existence, led by head brewer, Naga Reshi, they brew what they call “Slow Beer”. Using only wooden wine barrels they will ferment their suds for as long as it takes to create the right funkiness. Sour beers are an acquired taste, it took me awhile to appreciate the lengths that a brewer will go to brew a sour, utilizing different strains of wild yeast, different barrels and the time it takes. If you’re not a fan don’t give up on them, you will eventually find one that you like.

The release of Curvas was on a sunny Sunday afternoon, Dry River Brewing is located in the far reaches of Boyle Heights, the tasting room is a fascinating collection of reclaimed material, look closely and admire the handiwork of owners, David Hodgins and his wife Vanda Ciceryova. That day the food vendor was CGK Oyster Bar, Crooked Gaff Kitchen from Uptown Whitter, brothers, Kevin and Steven Obregon were shucking like crazy, the fresh oyster platters were a very nice change from the usual food truck fare. Freshly brewed craft beer with some oyster shooters! Viva La Vida! Curvas 7.2%(ABV) is a vibrant cherry sour, tart, smooth, the cherries are not overpowering, another tasty collaboration between two old friends. I. Got. You . Babe. Bobbyknowsbeer!!

Last modified: October 6, 2018

Dry River Brewing

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