Taco Tuesday will never be the same now that Asylum Brewing in #AleAHeim is offering on Tuedsay’s a slice of pizza with purchase of a pint or three tasters. From 6 pm until they run out enjoy a slice of Out of the Park pizza with your tasty suds, pizza and beer are a more dynamic duo than Batman and Robin and almost as spirited as owner Tommy Sebestyen and Head Brewer Chris Brown, the Lennon and McCartney of Orange County brewers.

Since they opened I have always found a beer that stood out amongst the rest, with so many breweries sometimes it’s the same old same old but not at Asylum. In June of 2017 I was writing for the OC Weekly, I was their beer critic and occasional pot guinea pig, I name the Rorschach Brown Ale with Coffee the Beer of the Week. I can still vividly remember how I could smell the aroma of coffee as the bartender served me my pint. The coffee at that time was from a local roaster in Fullerton, Bangarang, a rich, mild roast that kept all it’s tasting notes and complimented the roastiness of the Brown ale. Later that year I was at Asylum and ordered their Frankenstein Casanova, an Imperial Stout, the bartender infused it with coffee they had on nitro at the time. WHOA! That became the Beer of the Year for 2017, on off the menu craft beer, something you don’t find too often these days. Then earlier this year, in April, I was at Mission Bar in Santa Ana and had Asylum’s Shotgun Golf, it was on the menu as a Hazy Pale Ale which I had never heard of so I called and talked to Chris Brown and he told me it was actually a Kellerbier or Zwickelbier, an age old German style lager that was conditioned in caves, Kellerbier translates to cellar beer and since customers aren’t familiar with the Kellerbier style it was renamed for marketing purposes. Anywho, it was another Beer of the Week, from the style to the name it was all so fascinating and when they re-release it I’ll tell you why 😉

Currently on tap the boys have a another German style Lager, Achtung 5.4%(ABV) it’s crisp, refreshing. something you can wash down a pizza slice with! Elephant Riders is an outstanding Hazy IPA 7.3%(ABV) using South African Southern Passion hops, pith helmet not included. How the West Was Won is a straight up West Coast IPA 6.6%(ABV) hop forward but with a nice malt presence.

I know, Orange County is absolutely blessed with so many craft beer options but cancel your tacos and make a beer line for Asylum Brewing!  Cheers! BobbyKnowsBeer!

Last modified: November 14, 2018

Asylum Brewery

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